Ferrys at Ajim port
Ferrys at Ajim port


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Djerba: Practical informations

Ajim port

The port connecting the island of Djerba to the mainland with the ferry by sea.

Roman Scheiwiller from Bronschhofen, Schweiz [CC BY-SA]

To go to Djerba

By Plane: Djerba Island has an international airport Djerba-Zarzis near Mellita, 20 km from Flamingo Beach. The official website of Djerba-Zarzis airport.

By road: In the southeast, the island of Djerba is connected to the mainland by the roman road about 6km long.

By sea: In the southwest, the port of Ajim connects the island of Djerba to the mainland by sea to El Jorf. There are several boats and ferries to transport around twenty vehicles.

Public transport: The island of Djerba is connected to the other cities of Tunisia by companies of transport using bus and hirings.

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Getting around Djerba

Bus: For trips within the island, there is a bus service to connect the different cities and to connect Houmt Souk to the different hotels. The bus frequency is on average one bus every hour and the service stops in the early evening. Check out the public transport on ilededjerba.tn

Taxis: Getting around the island of Djerba by taxi is practical and very economical. There are three main stations, Houmt Souk, Midoun and the airport. It is not very difficult to find taxis in the tourist area and also in front of some hotels. There is also call-taxi. Inquire at the Hotel.

Carriage: For small romantic trips take horse-drawn carriages in the tourist area. It can also be booked, inquire at the hotel.

Car rental, bikes, motos... etc.: There is several agencies offering these rentals.

Djerba sports and leisure activities

Golf: 7km from Flamingo Beach is the Djerba Golf Club placed in 3rd position in Tunisia. Official website of Djerba Golf Club.

Tennis: Throughout the island of Djerba and especially in the tourist area, there are several tennis courts. Inquire at the hotel.

Horse riding: If you are passionate about this sport you will find useful addresses for horse riding in Djerba and near the Flamingo Beach. Inquire at the hotel.

See also on djerbatourisme.com.

Bowling: The Grand BOWLING OF DJERBA is 9km from Flamingo Beach. It is in fact a mini-complex including a bar (Licensed alcohol) with 8 professional bowling alleys, a dining room upstairs hosting entertainment : orchestra with singer and / or oriental dancer, billiards area and bar upstairs.

Nautical sports: There are several organizations on the island of Djerba offering the following nautical sports:

Nightclubs and evening entertainment: There are several Nightclubs, party rooms and nightly entertainment on the beach by the sea under the stars in the island of Djerba.

Casino: Opened in 1998, Le Grand Casino de Djerba is 3km from Flamingo Beach. It is an entertainment complex combining the pleasures of games and evening shows. There is also a gourmet restaurant, a café and a bar offering entertainment where you can relax with a drink.

Djerba cultural activities

Theater: In Houmt Souk Le Théâtre Plein Air de Djerba, offers several national and international shows and especially during festivals of the island of Djerba.

Festivals: In the island of Djerba, you can enjoy festivals throughout the year:

Exhibitions: Several artists have their own art galleries on the island of Djerba. There are also other exhibitions of paintings and plastic arts in cultural centers and exhibition halls:

Djerba Walks and Excursions

You will find on the island of Djerba several possibilities for walks and excursions:

Do not hesitate to inquire at the hotel.


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Tunisia holidays

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Birth of the Prophet*

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